River2Sea Pro Tuned Rover 98

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Rover Length Weight Hooks
98 3 7/8"(10 cm)
3/8 oz (11 g) 2 Daiichi (BN) Treble # 6 Topwater
128 5" (13 cm) 11/16 oz (19 g)
3 Daiichi (BN) Treble # 4 Topwater

Scott Martin has taken the already dynamic walking bait and added his hand tuned effects to create a slashing, knocking topwater bait that can't be left alone. Scott Martin tail weighted the lure to slightly elevate the face giving the River2Sea Rover a whole new attitude and action. Instead of the gliding action anglers are accustomed to, the Rover's choppy, side-to-side slashing will draw vicious strikes as the fish attacks its prey. The River2Sea Rover's exaggeratedly cupped mouth spits aggressively and its unique geometry creates a one-of-a-kind walking action. The River2Sea Rover is a walking bait that is unlike any you have ever used before.

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