River2Sea Spittin Wa 55 Topwater Frog

$ 8.99

See our other listing for additional size listed below:
River2Sea Length Weight
Spittin Wa 55
2 1/4" (5.7 cm)
9/16 oz (16 g)
Spittin Wa 70
2 3/4" (6.9 cm)
7/8 oz (24.8 g)

The River2sea Spittin Wa is the frog to use when you need a little more commotion. The Spittin' has a cupped, popping mouth with bubble jets that leave a bubble trail behind to draw more strikes. The River2sea Spittin Wa is extremely versatile. Use it as an excellent walking frog or use short, aggressive pops for that incredibly effective, loud chugging sound.

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