Roboworm Alive Shad 4"

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4" (10 cm) 8 Pack
The Roboworm Alive Shad has become one of the go-to finesse dropshot baits out of the products offered by Roboworm. Roboworm is renown for the quality of their hand poured plastics. The Roboworm Alive Shad features a minnow or small shad profile and is available in proven fish catching colors. The subtle hand poured plastic provides action that is unequalled in injected baits. Rig one up and it wont be long till you are a believer in the Roboworm Alive Shad
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Aarons MagicAT-82960788998821646
Baby BluegillAT-M61A0788998822520
Hologram ShadAT-M13H0788998820687
Lightning ShadAT-1G3Z0788998820939
Margarita MutilatorAT-B296788998821653
Morning DawnAT-H3H00788998822483
Neon ShadAT-35100788998822797
Prizm ShadAT-M46P0788998822636
Sexy ShadAT-MY3H0788998823329