Roboworm Straight Tail Worm 6"

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6" (15 cm) 10 Pack
The Roboworm Straight Tail Worm is the angler's soft plastic staple all over the world. Robotic machine technology was invented to automatically pour worms in the exact same manner as traditional "hand pour" worms. Over the years Roboworm's products, customer base, and machinery have evolved into what is now a leading manufacturer (actually the largest) of custom "poured" worms. Roboworm Straight tail worms are proven fish catchers and you will not believe the fantastic colors Roboworm's unique "hand pour" machines can produce.
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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Aarons MagicSR-82960788998221644
Aarons Magic Red & Black FlakeSR-829Y0788998222146
Aarons Morning DawnSR-H23R0788998223723
Aarons Pro MagicSR-823Y0788998223730
Aarons Pro ShadSR-M63H0788998223747
Baby BassSR-153G0788998220708
Baby BluegillSR-M61A0788998222528
Bitchin CrawSR-MJ9Y
Black GrapeSR-26200788998220098
Blue CrawlerSR-A6A00788998220135
Bold BluegillSR-A7K30788998220425
Desert CrawSR-F2JY0788998813627
Ehrlers EdgeSR-F66Y0788998223259
Folkestad SpecialSR-B6BF0788998222382
Green Neon PumpkinSR-F5FB
Green Pumpkin PurpleSR-F6BF0788998223754
Green ShinerSR-84GF
Green WeenieSR-88900788998220104
Hologram DawnSR-HK3Q
Hologram ShadSR-M13H0788998220685
June Bug ChartreuseSR-2K2C0788998220814
Margarita MutilatorSR-B2960788998221651
Martens MadnessSR-H2T60788998223341
Mean GreenSR-8K1M
MM IIISR-B29F0788998222511
Morning DawnSR-H3H0
Morning Dawn ChartreuseSR-HK300788998222641
Morning Dawn HologramSR-HK3H
Morning Dawn Red FlakeSR-H3HR
New AyuSR-8Z3M0788998222535
Orange CrusherSR-A7JO
Oxblood CrawlerSR-ADA00788998220142
Oxblood LightSR-A2A0
Oxblood Light Red FlakeSR-A2AR0788998221637
Oxblood Red FlakeSR-ADAR
Peoples WormSR-A2AF0788998222375
Plum BerrySR-H4HR
Prizm KrawSR-A46P0788998223013
Prizm PerchSR-85JQ0788998223105
Prizm ShadSR-M46P0788998222634
Pro Blue NeonSR-A23F0788998223549
Pumpkin PunisherSR-F8KF0788998223501
Purple WeenieSR-84100788998220333
Red CrawlerSR-H2TR0788998222603
Salt Pepper ChartreuseSR-MK1B0788998222610
Sexy ShadSR-MY3H0788998223327
Tequila SunriseSR-H6700788998220173
Watermelon MagicSR-F6FH
Witches TSR-9KD00788998220821
X-Mas Purple WeenieSR-841X