Savage Gear Soft Sandeel Lure Soft Plastic Creature

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Just as good as the real thing, the Savage Gear Soft Sandeel Lure Soft Plastic Creature imitates the physiology of a sand eel in utmost accuracy. Combining its lifelike appearance and motion with top-quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater-grade hooks that can stand up yo big predators, nothing can beat sand eel-like lure. Perfectly lethal for game fish such as bass, cod and bluefish, it can be used for vertical jigging, casting or trolling. It is available in 5 colors and in 12 different colors for added number of applications. This 3D sand eel is nothing but pure awesome!


  • The Savage Gear Soft Sandeel Lure Soft Plastic Creature is a supernatural sand eel imitation.
  • This soft-bodied swimbait has a strike-enticing swimming action.
  • It is equipped with top-quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater-grade hooks that can stand big predators.
  • This bait is perfect for vertical jigging, casting, or trolling and excellent for striped bass, bluefish, cod, calico bass, halibut, largemouth bass and more.
  • It is available in 12 colors and 5 sizes for added versatility.
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CA Proposition 65 WARNING
Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Blue Silver / 5 inchSE-J125-BS739998753635
Blue Silver / 6 inchSE-J160-BS739998753673
Blue Silver / 7 1/2 inchSE-J180-BS739998753758
Blue Silver / 7 inchSE-J170-BS739998753710
Blue Silver / 8 inchSE-J200-BS739998753789
Brown Sandeel / 5 inchSE-J125-BSE739998757077
Chartreuse White / 5 inchSE-J125-CHW739998757084
Dirty Silver / 5 inchSE-J125-DS739998753628
Dirty Silver / 6 inchSE-J160-DS739998753666
Dirty Silver / 7 1/2 inchSE-J180-DS739998753741
Dirty Silver / 7 inchSE-J170-DS739998753703
Dirty Silver / 8 inchSE-J200-DS739998753772
Green Glow / 7 1/2 inchSE-J180-GG739998754311
Green Glow / 7 inchSE-J170-GG739998754304
Green Glow / 8 inchSE-J200-GG739998754328
Mackerel / 8 inchSE-J200-MAK739998757305
Pink White / 5 inchSE-J125-PKW739998757107
Real Pearl / 5 inchSE-J125-RP739998753659
Real Pearl / 6 inchSE-J160-RP739998753697
Real Pearl / 7 inchSE-J170-RP739998753734
Real Pearl / 8 inchSE-J200-RP739998757329
Sandeel / 5 inchSE-J125-SE739998753642
Sandeel / 6 inchSE-J160-SE739998753680
Sandeel / 7 1/2 inchSE-J180-SE739998753765
Sandeel / 7 inchSE-J170-SE739998753727
Sandeel / 8 inchSE-J200-SE739998753796