Storm Original Wiggle Wart Crankbaits

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Length Weight Dive Depth Hook Size
2" 3/8oz 7-12ft #5

Original Storm Wiggle Warts are great for targeting finicky fish of any species. The Storm Wiggle Wart is a fabled lure with many a fish story to be told. Wiggle Warts have that legendary side-to-side action at all speeds with a loud rattle and just the right patterns for any condition. Featuring premium VMC super-sharp hooks, this lure is effective fished anyway, anywhere.


  • A smaller version of the Mag Wart
  • Original molds, components, patterns & colors
  • Classic "wart" rattle
  • Side-to-side crayfish action
  • Multi-species
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Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Black GlitterV71039984072635
Black Glitter ChartreuseVSP60039984078392
Black Glitter RedVSP59039984078736
Blazin' Blue UVV668039984134845
Blazin' Green UVV667039984134838
Blazin' Pink UVV666039984134821
Blazin' Red UVV665039984134814
Blue Tiger CrawV173039984165276
Brown CrawdadV37039984072604
Brown Mustard CrawV191039984176845
Brown Scale CrawdadV45039984080203
Coppernose CrawV174039984165283
Creek CrawV657039984126475
Fading Molting CrawV192039984176852
Fluorescent PinkV95039984072673
Fluorescent RedV48039984072628
Fluorescent Red BlackV90039984072666
Green CrawdadV38039984072611
Hot TigerV74039984072642
Metallic Blue BlackV102039984072697
Metallic Blue ScaleV133039984104206
Metallic Green BlackV106039984078163
Metallic Green ScaleV134039984134791
Metallic Orange ChartreuseV158039984078156
Metallic Pink BlackV138039984134807
Metallic PurpleV175039984078149
Metallic Purple BlackV101039984072680
Metallic Red BlackV105039984078132
Metallic Silver ChartreuseV132039984080210
Metallic Silver RedV108039984104602
Missouri CrawV167039984158179
Molting CrawV171039984165269
Moss Back CrawV656039984126468
Naturistic Brown CrayfishV62039984078101
Naturistic Green CrayfishV63039984078118
Naturistic Red CrayfishV209039984072703
Orange Brown CrawV658039984126482
Ouachita CrawV170039984165252
PB&J CrawV166039984153723
Phantom Brown CrayfishV59039984360596
Phantom Brown Orange CrawV165039984153716
Phantom Copper CrawV189039984176821
Phantom Green Blue CrawV163039984153693
Phantom Green Copper CrawV190039984176838
Phantom Green CrayfishV86039984072659
Phantom Green Purple CrawV169039984165245
Phantom PB&J CrawV164039984153709
Phantom Red CrawV168039984165238
Purple TigerV82039984078125
Red CrawV655039984126451
Tennessee ShadV51039984078729