Strike King Pro Model Series 10XD Crankbaits

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  • The Strike King 10XD Crankbait is an extra deep diving oversized crankbait designed for targeting tournament-winning bass.
  • Measures in at 6-inches in length, weighs just under 2 ounces, and easily hits the 25-foot mark on 14-lb fluorocarbon.
  • Great for targeting big bass hanging around deep structure.
  • Casts and pulls surprisingly easy for its size.
  • Available in over 12 colors.

The oversized crankbait that started it all: the Strike King 10XD. Back in 2012, Phil Marks, one of the head lure designers at Strike King, caught some of his key fish with the the 10XD Crankbait that enabled him to take home the victory and $125,000 at the 2012 FLW Tour Open on Sam Rayburn. Ever since, anglers "in-the-know" all over the country have been using the 10XD to target big bass hanging around deep structure. 

A behemoth of a crankbait designed for targeting the biggest bass, the Strike King 10XD Crankbait measures in at 6-inches in length, weighs just under 2 ounces, and easily hits the 25-foot mark on 14-lb fluorocarbon. It gets you in front of fish that you previously couldn't reach with a standard crankbait, and also casts and pulls surprisingly easy for its size. Available in a range of colors, the Strike King 10XD is what you need when money is on the line - and you need that kicker fish to put your limit in the money zone.

"The whole deal with the 10XD is that its size, depth capability, and action appeals to big bass. It catches the grade of fish that win tournaments and stories are told about," said Phil Marks. "It is perfect for situations such as what I faced at Rayburn. I knew that there were big bass in the area that I was fishing and I knew that I needed to catch them in order to win. The 10XD will do this for a lot people at a lot different venues in the future."

Pike and muskie anglers should also take note of these lures. If you swap out the hooks for something a little tougher than their stock trebles, they make great deep cranks for targeting those monster freshwater predators.


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    # Part Numbers

    Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
    Black Back ChartreuseHC10XD-535051034221480
    Chartreuse PerchHC10XD-650051034221503
    Chartreuse Sexy ShadHC10XD-538051034221428
    Citrus ShadHC10XD-534051034221947
    Delta RedHC10XD-450051034237122
    Gizzard ShadHC10XD-511051034246919
    Green Gizzard ShadHC10XD-568051034221435
    Natural BreamHC10XD-663051034221510
    Natural ShadHC10XD-699051034246209
    Olive ShadHC10XD-453051034246186
    Pearl Black Splatter ChartreuseHC10XD-570051034221442
    Sexy Blue Back HerringHC10XD-586051034221459
    Sexy ShadHC10XD-590051034221466
    Tennessee ShadHC10XD-517051034221411