Strike King Rage Ned Bug 2 1/2 inch Soft Plastic Creature Bait 9 pack

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$ 6.15
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  • The Strike King Rage Ned Bug is a smaller, 2 1/2 inch version of the Rage Bug designed for Ned rigging.
  • Classic creature profile and signature Rage Tail flange on the appendages.
  • Compact body sit perfectly on a Ned rig jighead.
  • Super soft, super salty, and infused with Strike King's exclusive Coffee Scent.
  • Available in 12 colors, 9 baits per pack.

Along with the Ned Ocho and Ned Cut-R, the Strike King Rage Ned Bug is one of the newest Ned rig soft plastic offerings from Strike King. Measuring only 2 1/2 inches, the Ned Bug is essentially a downsized version of the Strike King Rage Bug creature bait for the Ned rig. Featuring the signature Rage Tail flange on the appendages, this bait has a finesse profile but still is capable of producing thumping kicks and bass-attracting water displacement despite its small size.

Its compact body sit perfectly on a Ned rig jighead too. And in addition to the Ned rig, the Rage Ned Bug is an excellent finesse jig trailer too.

Additionally, like all baits in Strike King's KVD Perfect Plastics series, the Ned Bug is super soft and super salty - which leads to better hook penetration and bite retention. They also feature Strike King's exclusive Coffee Scent technology, which helps cover-up scents and oils from humans and attracts fish to bite. Available in 12 great colors.

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