Strike Pro T'Railer

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$ 9.08
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 Length Weight Style Dive Depth
3 15/16" (10 cm) 5/8 oz (18 g) Suspending to 3 1/2'
The Strike Pro Trailer Lure is another revolutionary lure developed by Strike Pro which incorporates scent attractants.  Scent can be added to the "Internal Scent Chamber" (ISC).  It is located under the gill of the lure, which can be removed from the lure body to fill with a Strike Pro Scent Cookie.  The Strike Pro Scent Cookie will slowly dissolve after contact with water; therefore, as the lure is retrieved, a scent trail will attract predators to take the lure aggressively.  Great lure action plus scent attractant provides irresistible temptation to predators!

*Includes Strike Pro Scent Cookie

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