Strike Pro Twin Minnow

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In Stock - Ready to Ship

Length Weight Dive Depth
3 15/16" (10 cm)
1/4 oz (6.5 g) to 2 1/2'

This new lure has been designed and created by our principal Michael Tsai, who is forever developing and thinking of new ideas and better ways to catch fishing using lures. The Strike Pro Twin Minnow is especially designed for superior casting and to imitate small baitfish or a school of baitfish. The unusual shape assists casting distance and has a magnificent rolling swim action. Suitable for many species, both fresh and saltwater, these new Twin Minnows will yet again put Strike Pro in the forefront of lure innovation.

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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Baby Brown Bass AEG-143A/76T0884000063247
Baby Brown Bass BEG-143B/76T0884000063445
Baby Brown Bass ABEG-143AB/76T0884000063643
Brown Trout AEG-143A/71T0884000063285
Brown Trout BEG-143B/71T0884000063483
Brown Trout ABEG-143AB/71T0884000063681
Gold Shad AEG-143A/02T0884000063261
Gold Shad BEG-143B/02T0884000063469
Gold Shad ABEG-143AB/02T0884000063667
Rainbow Trout AEG-143A/70T0884000063230
Rainbow Trout BEG-143B/70T0884000063438
Silk AEG-143A/03T0884000063223
Silk BEG-143B/03T0884000063421
Silk ABEG-143AB/03T0884000063629
Silver Shad AEG-143A/01T0884000063216
Silver Shad BEG-143B/01T0884000063414