Vicious Braid Fishing Line Lo-Vis Green 100-150 Yards

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100 Yards (91 m) Lo-Vis Green

The ultimate line for strength and durability, Vicious Braid will excel where monofilaments fear to tread. Woven from the highest quality Spectra fiber, it has virtually no stretch, allowing anglers to feel the slightest bite at any depth and set hooks with lightning speed. Abrasion resistant and practically impervious to UV rays and water,Length_, Vicious Braid will give years of service in the harshest sunlight and most brutal fishing conditions. The perfect combination of power and finesse, Vicious Braid is the line your count on.

Line Diameter 10lb 15lb 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 65lb 80lb 100lb
Inches .007 .009 .010 .011 .012 .013 .015 .017 .018
Millimeters .178 .223 .254 .279 .305 .330 .381 .431 .457
Equiv. Mono Dia. 2lb 4lb 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 17lb 20lb

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10 LBBPG-100876152002922
15 LBBPG-150876152002939
20 LBBPG-200876152002946
30 LBBPG-300876152002953
40 LBBPG-400876152002960
50 LBBPG-500876152002977
65 LBBPG-650876152002984
80 LBBPG-800876152002991