Williamson Banjo Eye Bucktail Hair Jig

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  • The Williamson Banjo Eye Bucktail Hair Jig has a balanced weight that gives it perfect hydrodynamics when jigged vertically.
  • Made with Bucktail deer hair for a flawless, lifelike action.
  • Soft tail for added movement, triggering strikes.
  • Equipped with bait retainer and VMC Cone Cut Perma Steel hook.
  • Available in 4 colors and 3 sizes.

Vertical jigging has never been this exciting! With the Williamson Banjo Eye Bucktail Hair Jig, the action never stops, thanks to its specialized and balanced weight that exhibits perfect hydrodynamic movements during vertical jigging. To match it all off, it also features high-quality bound real deer hair for a smooth lifelike action, and a soft plastic ribbon curly tail that adds more movement to trigger more bites. Equipped with a bait retainer that keeps bait on the hook shank to give it the right presentation, it is also geared with a VMC Cone Cut Perma Steel hook, making it ready for any saltwater action. The Williamson Banjo Eye Bucktail Hair Jig is available in 3 sizes and 4 colors.

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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Chartreuse/White / 2 ozBEJ2CHW022677142357
Chartreuse/White / 3/4 ozBEJ34CHW022677142272
Chartreuse/White / 4 ozBEJ4CHW022677142432
Glow/Chartreuse / 2 ozBEJ2GLCH022677142364
Glow/Chartreuse / 3/4 ozBEJ34GLCH022677142289
Glow/Chartreuse / 4 ozBEJ4GLCH022677142449
Red/White / 2 ozBEJ2RW022677142371
Red/White / 3/4 ozBEJ34RW022677142296
Red/White / 4 ozBEJ4RW022677142456
White / 2 ozBEJ2W022677142388
White / 3/4 ozBEJ34W022677142302
White / 4 ozBEJ4W022677142463