Yo-Zuri Octopus Skirt 4 1/4 Inch W/ Holed Head Red Eye

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The world-renowned trolling skirt is now making its way to your tackle box! The Yo-Zuri Octopus Skirt 4 1/4 inch w/ Holed Head Red Eye Soft Plastic Bait is made of tough and durable proprietary vinyl material. Its large vinyl eyes proves to be irresistible, catching more attention from unsuspecting predators. With a holed head for a lifelike swimming action, the most used offshore fishing lure comes in a pack of 5 in numerous exciting colors. Grab a Yo-Zuri Octopus Skirt today and see the difference for yourself!


  • The Yo-Zuri Octopus Skirt Head 4 1/4 inch w/ Holed Head Red Eye Soft Plastic Bait is a world-renowned trolling skirt made of durable material.
  • It has 4 1/4-inch body and a holed head for a more lifelike swimming action.
  • It is made of tough and durable proprietary vinyl material.
  • It has large vinyl red-glow eyes that entices predators more.
  • It is available in numerous colors and comes in a pack of 5.
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CA Proposition 65 WARNING
Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
005A - Striped Demon FlakeR1020-005A756791466647
015A - Day Glow FlakeR1020-015A756791466746
017A - Striped Bubblegum FlakeR1020-017A756791466760
021A - Pink and Orange FlakeR1020-021A756791466807
024A - Bubblegum FlakeR1020-024A756791466838
060A - Salmon Roe FlakeR1020-060A756791467187
114A - Ninja Turtle FlakeR1020-114A756791467729
121A - Striped Green FlakeR1020-121A756791467798
126A - Bright Toxic Spill FlakeR1020-126A756791467842
134A - Striped Cyan FlakeR1020-134A756791467910
145A - Alien Green FlakeR1020-145A756791468023
149A - School Bus FlakeR1020-149A756791468061
155A - Neon Splatter FlakeR1020-155A756791468122
163A - Toxic Spill FlakeR1020-163A756791468207
166A - Cream FlakeR1020-166A756791468238
171A - Glacier FlakeR1020-171A756791468276
175A - Purple Swirl FlakeR1020-175A756791468313
178A - White with Dark Green Stripe FlakeR1020-178A756791468337
181A - Purple and White FlakeR1020-181A756791468368
183A - Pink and White FlakeR1020-183A756791468382
188A - Eggshell FlakeR1020-188A756791468436
218A - Ocean GlimmerR1020-218A756791468733
234A - Dark Blue GlimmerR1020-234A756791468894
236A - Blue and Pink GlimmerR1020-236A756791468917
238A - Blue Dragon Scale with Pink Stripe FlakeR1020-238A756791468931
250A - Striped Magic Blue GlimmerR1020-250A756791469051
251A - Striped Magenta GlimmerR1020-251A756791469068
255A - Pink and Blue Dragon Scale GlimmerR1020-255A756791469105
287A - Black Rubber Tire FlakeR1020-287A756791469419
303A - Salt n' Pepper FlakeR1020-303A756791469570
308A - Grimace FlakeR1020-308A756791469624
337A - Mint Toothpaste FlakeR1020-337A756791469891
341A - Sky Blue FlakeR1020-341A756791469938
345A - Tropical FlakeR1020-345A756791469976
351A - Black and Teal FlakeR1020-351A756791470033
362A - Pink and Blue Dragon Scale FlakeR1020-362A756791470132
376A - Purple Rave FlakeR1020-376A756791470279
389A - Oil Spill FlakeR1020-389A756791470408
391A - Psychadelic FlakeR1020-391A756791470422
392A - Mixed Pastel FlakeR1020-392A756791470439
401A - Penguin FlakeR1020-401A756791434677
406A - Tree Frog Green FlakeR1020-406A756791434721
409A - Silver Ghost FlakeR1020-409A756791434752
421A - Chartreuse FlakeR1020-421A756791434875
425A - Rainbow Trout FlakeR1020-425A756791434912