Z Man GrubZ Soft Plastic Grub

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Incredibly lifelike and durable, the Z-Man GrubZ are soft plastic grubs that work as great fished on their own as they do as a jig or spinnerbait trailer. Durability is at the forefront of this bait's design thanks to its super-tough ElaZtech plastic construction, giving it the highest fish-per-bait rating of any grub on today's market. Its in-the-water action is impressive too, with a thin tail that moves erratically even at very slow speeds. Even when presented on ultra-light jigheads used for finesse fishing, this curved tail still produces incredible movement. Now available in 3 sizes and a booming set of 25 colors, this very versatile soft plastic grub has got you covered in almost any fishing scenario.


  • The Z-Man GrubZ are an extremely durable take on the classic soft plastic grub profile.
  • Super-tough ElaZtech plastic for the highest fish-per-bait rating of any grub.
  • Super thin tail with incredible action.
  • Covers virtually all fishing scenarios.
  • Available in 25 colors and 3 sizes.

Pack quantities vary by size, see table below for details: 

Length Pack Quantity
2 inch 8
2 1/2 inch 8
3 1/2 inch 6
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